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Terms & Conditions



Terms & Conditions for Rentals


1.0 Definitions:

1.1 The Management Company: Scandinavian Village Limited.

1.2 Management: Any authorised employee of the Management Company.

1.3 The Village: Scandinavian Village, AVIEMORE, Inverness-shire, PH22 1PF.

1.4 Reception: The public office at the Village.

1.5 Accommodation Unit: The Villa, Apartment, or ‘The Cairngorm Suite’, as appropriate, being the subject of the rental.

1.6 Renter: The person, 18 years of age or older, making the booking.

1.7 Rental Group: The renter and all accompanying persons who will occupy the accommodation unit throughout the rental period.

1.8 Rental Period: The whole of the time between the renter’s check-in and the renter’s check-out. Weekly lets run from Saturday to Saturday.  Short breaks are for a minimum of three nights and subject to availability.

1.9 Check-in: The time at which the renter registers at Reception, on arrival normally between the hours of 5.00pm and 7.00pm on Saturdays; at any time between 11.00am and 3.00pm on Sundays; and, normally at any time between 9.00am and 5.00pm on all other days.

1.10 Check-out: The time at which the renter vacates the unit and hands back the keys and settles utility charges, between 8.00am and 10.00am on Saturdays; at any time between 9.00am and 10.00am on Sundays; and, at any time between 9.00am and 5.00pm on all other days.

1.11 Discount:  This is the 10% reduction given to two week stays, repeat rental bookings and owners at Scandinavian Village wishing to rent.

2.0 Bookings:

2.1 Bookings may be made through our online booking system, by telephone, or in person at Reception.

2.2 Where the booking is made  by telephone or in person more than 28 days in advance of the commencement of the rental period, the renter must pay a deposit of £100 per accommodation unit per week at the time of booking and payment of the balance must be made by no later than 28 days before check-in. Alternatively, payment of the agreed rental cost may be made in full at the time of booking. Christmas and New Year bookings require a £200 deposit at time of booking and balance paid in full 28 days before check-in.  All online bookings must be paid in full at time of booking.

2.3  Where a booking is made online, by telephone  or in person,  28 days or less  in advance of the commencement of the rental period, the renter must pay the full amount of the agreed rental cost at the time of booking.

2.4 At the time of booking, the renter must warrant that he/she will accompany the other members of the rental group and remain resident with them throughout the whole of the rental period.

2.5 The Management Company will confirm its acceptance of the booking in writing and may send the confirmation through the post or by e-mail, except where a booking is made in person, in which case the renter will be handed a duly completed and signed copy of the Rental Booking Confirmation Letter at the time of booking.

3.0 Cancellation:

3.1 Cancellation by the Management Company: Cancellation of a confirmed booking may be intimated by the Management Company in writing, sent to the renter by means of a letter   or e-mail, if it has good reason to believe that the renter made a false declaration, or declarations, at the time of the booking being made: in such event, the renter’s deposit shall be forfeited. If the Management Company has to cancel a confirmed booking by reason of force majeure, all monies already paid by the renter will be refunded in full. 

3.2 Cancellation by the Renter: Cancellation by the renter must be intimated to the Management Company in writing, sent to the Management Company by means of a letter or e-mail. In the event that such cancellation is notified more that 28 days before the                             intended start of the rental period, the renter’s deposit shall be forfeited or, if notified within 28 days of the intended commencement of the rental, the renter will be held liable to settle the amount of the due balance of the agreed rental cost.

3.3 Cancellation due to Covid 19. If Scandinavian Village has to close due to Covid 19. The company will reimburse the Renter the full amount of the rental. However all bookings are made at the renters own risk, if the renter has to cancel due to Covid 19 or local or national restrictions no rental monies will be refunded

4.0 Facilities within the Village:

4.1 Electricity: The renter must pay for electricity consumed within the accommodation unit during the rental period, at the time of check-out.

4.2 Guest Laundry: The washing machines, dryers and iron/ironing board in the Guest Laundry may be used free of charge.  Opening times are 9.30am to 7.00pm.

4.3  Wi-Fi:  The renter has, free of charge, use of our unsecure wi-fi connection.  The Company will not be held responsible for any break in the service and individuals are responsible for their own devices with which they connect.

5.0 Facilities outwith the Village:

5.1 Other Things to See and Do: There are numerous and varied things to see and do during your stay at the Village and advice can be obtained from the tourist leaflets within all accommodation units; by calling in to Reception; visiting the Management Company’s ‘Out & About’ section on its website on; and, by visiting the Tourist Information office, located a leisurely ten minutes stroll from the Village.

6.0 Pets:

6.1 Renters are allowed to bring no more than two pets with them.  There is an extra charge made for cleaning and all Terms & Conditions of the Pet Regulations adhered to (these can be found in the information folder in the accommodation unit).

7.0 Cleaning of the Accommodation Unit:

7.1 The Management Company does not provide a cleaning service during the rental period and the renter must ensure that the unit is left in a clean and tidy condition.

8.0 Reporting of Damages:

8.1 Damages Found on Entry to the Accommodation Unit: All damages discovered by the renter on entry to the accommodation unit must be reported to Reception immediately, otherwise the renter may be held liable for the reparation costs.

8.2 Damages Occurring During the Rental Period: The renter will be held liable for the reparation costs of all damages occasioned to the accommodation unit and its inventory, both internal and external, during the rental period, provided that such damage was caused by the renter or another member of the rental group. If the damage is so severe that the accommodation unit cannot be fully restored in time for the arrival of the next due occupant, or subsequently due occupiers, the renter will be held liable for all costs incurred by the Management Company in providing them with alternative accommodation either within, or outwith, the Village, in addition to the reparation costs.

9.0 Unacceptable Behaviour:

9.1 In the event that the renter, or any other member of the rental group, indulges in unacceptable behaviour, such as, but not restricted to, causing noise that interferes with the comfort of other residents within the Village, Management reserves the right to summarily evict the entire rental group, without compensation.

9.2 Management shall be the sole judge of what constitutes unacceptable behaviour.

10.0 Acceptable Payment Methods:

10.1 Online Bookings: Full rental costs, must be made at the time of booking, by Debit/Credit card (American Express not accepted), through ‘Netpay’.

10.2 Telephone Bookings: The payment of a deposit, or the full rental cost, must be made at the time of booking, by  Debit/Credit card (American Express not accepted).

11.0 Payment of Outstanding Balances:

11.1 Balance of Bookings Payments: Where only a deposit was made at the time of booking, the balance of the rental payment due must be made by telephone, using a Debit/Credit card (American Express not accepted).

11.2 All Other Payments: Charges in respect of electricity consumed, telephone calls made and any payments in respect of damages, must be settled at the time of check-out, by means of a Debit/Credit card (American Express not accepted) or in cash.

12.0 Disclaimers:

12.1 The Management Company will not accept liability for injury to persons, loss from or damage to vehicles, or the loss of or damage to any personal property, from whatever cause arising.

12.2 The Management Company cannot accept any responsibility for any misleading or wrong information which appears on any website link accessed via the Company’s own website, nor for any misleading information in the tourist information leaflets that may be found in all accommodation units, or obtained from Reception.

13.0 Right to make Alterations to these Terms & Conditions: The Management Company reserves the right to amend any or all of the clauses of these Terms & Conditions at any time.

14.0 Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions by the Renter:

14.1 Online Bookings: A copy of these Terms & Conditions can be viewed on the Company’s website at and also can be downloaded. 

14.2 Telephone Bookings: A copy of these Terms & Conditions will be sent to the renter by post or e-mail, under cover of a Rental Booking Confirmation Letter.

14.4 All Booking Methods: Please be aware that by making a booking and paying either a deposit or full amount for accommodation at Scandinavian Village, you are agreeing to be bound by the above Terms and Conditions.


Accept Terms and Conditions above:

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